16pcs Cat Toys Cat Teases Tooth Grinding Toy Set Pet Toys


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16pcs Cat Toys Cat Teases Tooth Grinding Toy Set Pet Toys

Description :

DECOMPRESSION RELIEVE BOREDOM–Help your pet out of boredom, Relieve the pressure, Reduce the incidence of destructive behavior
INTERESTING MOLARS–Cats need constant grinding of teeth, A long period of Non-grinding can lead to tooth decay in cats
KEEP FIT–Cats do not exercise can cause obesity, Affect the health of cats, Toys can make cats move
ENHANCE FEELINGS–Funny toys plus the owner’s companionship can better enhance feelings

Features :

Non-toxic materials
Wear-resistant and bitten
Molar tooth cleaning

Specification :
Package Size 25*15CM
Package Weight About 380g

Package Includes :
1X The bone of the fish (12.5cm)
1X Colorful bell ball (5.8cm)
1X The bell feather of the fishing rod amuses the cat stick 
1X Gnaw double knots cotton rope (20cm)
1X Mini catnip mouse (5.08cm)
1X Bath/massage brush 
5X Candy colored rubber band head rope
5X Jelly color hairpin
Details Pictures :