Robospace IronBot Mate 3-in-1 DIY Smart STEM Robot Learning Kit


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IronBot is a 3-in-1 DIY robot-learning kit, which can be assembled as a Robotic Arm, Biped Robot or Humanoid Robot by children aged 8 years and up.
Kids will learn STEM and robotics while happily creating a “little friend” all by themselves. 
Connect a Smartphone and you will give your IronBot a brain!
Microcontroller: Based on stm32
Power: Power adapter or 7.4V DC lithium battery
Battery life: 3-4 hours
Wireless communication: Bluetooth 4.0
Weight: About 2.3kg
Structural part material: Aluminum
Surface treatment: Anodic oxidation
Light: 16 million colors RGB LED
Size: 9.45”x 5.51”x 11.4”/240*140*290mm
Servo: 6kg digital servo
App support: Android 4.3 and up, IOS 9.0 and up
Multimode assembly
Grapgical programming
Personalized settings
Smart dialog
Expression editing
Voice recognition & synnthesis
Face recognition
Identity settting
Voice changer
Content platform

Package Included:

1x Robospace IronBot Mate Kit


By using IronBot, kids are able to assemble three kinds of robots: Robotic Arm, Biped Robot and Humanoid Robot.


By using the controller in our APP, kids can control their IronBot in real-time or set the robot’s movements and interact with it to play various fun games.Real Time Control:


Movement Track:
Kids can set the robot’s movements and let it act according to your personal settings, like the automated robots widely used in production plants.

When kids finish humanoid robot assembly, they can directly put smartphone on robot’s head as his brain. 
Then he will become an intelligent robot who can listen, speak and act, being like a new friend who can talk, dance andplay with kids.

By using the custom Xlink APP, kids can program how the IronBot thinks.
Kids can use simple graphic module combinations to edit X different kinds of thinking logics and reactions, which will arouse kid’s imagination and train their logical thinking.
Every kid can change their IronBot to their preference by setting a name, character, voice and expression. You can create your own unique IronBot!

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